New in store - for You with metal allergy, earrings with handmade niobium earwires! 2023-01-08


Carin Blom Design creates jewelry and interior details for you who have sustainability and quality as keywords and who do not hesitate to go your own way at a reasonable price. 


Carin Blom Design strives to use only recycled or natural materials as much as possible. No animals have been killed for horns or bones, these are residues.


I work with craftsmen and women, mainly in Africa, who make beads and pendants in the same way as previous generations did. Which means that the craft can survive.

Quality material

I hand-pick a lot of my material on my travels and do not compromise on quality. Materials in e.g. Ear hooks are Sterling silver, Niobium, or Titanium.

 Sensitive to detail

Carin Blom Design's creations are often eye-catching, but from time to time I also create in the more discreet format. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that I do not thumb at the details!

Ideas of your own?

It is inspiring to be able to fulfill other people's dreams. If you have your own ideas but maybe not the time or ability, I will be happy to help you! 

Do you like my designs?