Me and my mentors

I'm Carin Blom. It all started in earnest in 2006 when I recovered from a burnout where I had to empty my backpack and later thought about what was worth unpacking again. Crafts have always been an essential part of me, so I put it back in again, together with family, friends and work. 

I used to paint, now I wanted to try something new and my interest in jewelry awoke. I'm not interested in trying to be "in" and am completely uninterested in "fashion", what is "in" and "fashion" is already available everywhere and in all price ranges - I want to do what is unique!

We are born original, therefore we must also wear and surround ourselves with things that show our uniqueness - we can not do that if we wear the same jewelry and surround ourselves with the same objects as everyone else. My motto is: "Dare to be unique!"

I am a self-taught designer, but there are two people who have meant a lot to my development and that is Hutch, my friend and teacher in Thailand. Not only did he take me under his wings and teach me the art of tying macrame, he is also a good example as a salesman and fellow human being! I can not thank him enough!

Then there is Kati Torda, a well-known designer and pearl trader at Sun Trade Beads Ltd in Accra Ghana - she has not only taught me about the importance of pearls in Ghana from birth to death, she has also opened both her heart and her home to me, and selflessly shared her contacts with me. She is not only a source of inspiration, she is also like a sister to me when I am in Ghana!