My design would not be anything without my suppliers of jewelry details, most of whom are also my friends. They deserve a short presentation! 

Okrah Tetteh is the 5th generation glass bead manufacturer in Koforidua and has worked in the workshop since childhood. I had the privilege of following him for a day to learn how time consuming the work is.   


mr. Cedi is Agomanya-Krobo's largest manufacturer of glass beads and he took the time to show me his production, but also give me a guided tour around the community.


Christian Frimpong also comes from a long line of brass casters in Sokoban-Krofrom and started working in the workshop as a child. He is a master of the casting technique "Lost Wax", which is extremely time consuming. I spent two days with him to follow the whole process.


Mr. Bennett Adotey Mark-Hansen is a trained ceramicist but currently works with horns and bones in Accra. Most of all the horns and bones in my shop come from his hands! His motto is "nothing is impossible" and it is to him that I turn when I want quality jobs in horns and bones.

Florence Teiko Asare at TK Beads manufactures fantastically fine glass beads in her workshop, but is also a trader with other types of beads I use. 

Sister Naa is the one who realizes my design dreams and sews my kimonos. She earns her living as a seamstress in Accra and is a mastress of the sewing machine!

B.A.S.I.C. International sewing school that teaches young girls from Chorkor a profession instead of ending up on the street. They sew my pillowcases and bags. 


Mr. Garbe Mohammed is a pearl trader in the 10th generation and travels around Africa and trades in pearls. He took the time to tell his and the pearls' story (which are indistinguishable) and I always visit him and shop from him whenever I can. 

Ohene Cocoa is the latest ad to my big Ghanaian craft family! They seek to develop an authentic cocoa-agribusiness which directly benefits all the participants. By harnessing innovation, inspiring change, generating employment and wealth, they believe that the livelihood of future generations will be secured.  I just love their products!